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Formulasi 100% Semulajadi Oleh Pakar Untuk Penjagaan Badan, Sistem Pencernaan & Kesihatan Keseluruhan


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a powerful and robust combination of scientifically proven herbs & leaves to help keep you slim, energized and healthy


Apa beza dengan teh hijau biasa yang ada di pasaran?
Regular Green Tea
Camellia Sinensis
Gynostemma Penthaphyllum
Nelumbo Nucifera
Cassia Angustifolia
Cassia Obtusifolia
Smilacis Glabrae


Kurangkan berat badan
Regular Green Tea
Break down saturated fats in the body
Meleraikan lemak tepu dalam badan
Ignite fat burning 
Membakar lemak
Guard fat synthesis
(inhibit excessive fat accumulation & absrobtion)
Menghalang pembetukan lemak berlebihan dalam badan
HEALTHY digestive system
Kesihatan sistem pencernaan
Regular Green Tea
Relief of mild constipation
Melegakan sembelit
Promotes bowel movement, urination & detoxification
Melancarkan pembuangan air & detoksifikasi
Speed up digestion & prevent bloating
Melancarkan pencernaan & menghalang kembung perut
Keep intestines nourishes
Memelihara kesihatan usus
Relief dampness
Menghilangkan 'gemuk air'
*Dampness is an imbalance arising from having too much moisture/water trapped in the body. You can see it as a little bit like water retention but not entirely and not exactly. It is a condition that you get when your body didn’t have the optimal condition to remove the excessive water in the body. Over time, it can become more viscous and transform into a thicker kind of dampness known as ‘phlegm'.
Panas badan
Regular Green Tea
Stabilize body heatiness*
*Some people often have the situation of heat in the health: low-heat, night sweat, dry, scanty dark urine, sore furuncle etc.
Menstabilkan panas badan
Produce more energy by optimizing body heatiness 
Menghasilkan lebih banyak tenaga dengan mengoptimumkan suhu badan
General Health
Kesihatan keseluruhan
Regular Green Tea
Anti-proliferative (Prevent the spread of cancer cell)
Mencegah penyebaran sel barah
Anti-hyperlipidemic (Control cholesterol level, high blood pressure & improve blood circulation which decrease risk of heart attack or stroke)
(Mengawal tahap kolesterol, tekanan darah tinggi & meningkatkan peredaran darah serta mengurangkan risiko serangan jantung atau strok)
Anti-oxidant & anti-aging (prolong the life span of cell
and reactivate dying skin cell)
(Memanjangkan jangka hayat sel & mengaktifkan semula sel kulit yang mati)
Anti-inflamantory & anti-bacterial (protect our bodies from infection and injury)
(Melindungi tubuh kita dari jangkitan dan kecederaan)
Boost immune system
Meningkatkan sistem ketahanan badan
Improve Insulin Sensitivity & lower blood sugar level
(Meningkatkan sensitiviti insulin & menurunkan kadar gula dalam darah )
Stabilize Cortisol Level (Improves overall mood, reduce stress & promotes better sleep)
(Menstabilkan emosi, mengurangkan tekanan & membantu tidur yang berkualiti)
Strenghtening tendons and bones
Menguatkan tendon dan tulang
Scientific References:
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Meet The Expert

Prof. Dr. Liu
Prof. Dr. Liu has been chairing his research team since 1995. Throughout the years, Dr. Liu and his team had formulated a huge collection of traditional herbal medicine, OTC and health supplements and health food in numerous forms and dosages such as hard shell capsules, soft-gel capsules, tablets, tea, powder, granules, liquid, extracts, concentrates, essential oils, external liquid, pills.

Prof. Dr. Liu is a doctor by profession registered with the Ministry of Health (Malaysia) and the National Commission of Health (People’s Republic of China). He holds a doctorate (Medical Doctor) of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, and a Bachelor of Medicine of Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine.
Untuk Penggunaan Sebulan
Dapatkan Sekarang

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Green Tea Plus photo review
N****** M* I****Verified owner
By far, the best Green Tea that is tasty, not bitter and is also effective in reducing blood sugar. Taking Zexara Green Tea Plus has helped me to cont...More
By far, the best Green Tea that is tasty, not bitter and is also effective in reducing blood sugar. Taking Zexara Green Tea Plus has helped me to control my control my craving for sweet food and drinks and this eventually help me to control my blood sugar as I am in prediabetes stage. With other ingredients, GT+ helps me to feel full and thus combat my craving for snacks.
Green Tea Plus photo review
Green Tea Plus photo review
Green Tea Plus photo review
Z***** A****Verified owner
Perkembangan yang baik lepas amalkan Green tea plus ni. Saya teruskan sampai capai target weight. Blood sugar pun normal 💪
A****Verified owner
rasanya lebih sedap dari teh hijau biasa 👍👍👍
Green Tea Plus photo review
H****** A****Verified owner
Green Tea Plus memang best! Melawas tapi tak diarrhea mcm senna tea😣. Rasa sedapp sgtt😍 Dia punya rasa tu buat kita nak minum lagi. Good for overall p...More
Green Tea Plus memang best! Melawas tapi tak diarrhea mcm senna tea😣. Rasa sedapp sgtt😍 Dia punya rasa tu buat kita nak minum lagi. Good for overall performance. Akak bagi 5🤩
R****Verified owner
Honestly one of the good product ive use and the result is *ahem* (secret) want to know? you have to use it yourself. Price is affordable and easy to ...More
Honestly one of the good product ive use and the result is *ahem* (secret) want to know? you have to use it yourself. Price is affordable and easy to take anytime, anywhere and any place. For sure you will not think twice to buy again after you see the result for yourself and feel the diffrence in your body. Be healthy the easy way, the great way and the new way. Try it and you will see the "new" you in a couple of month.
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Kerana anda layak mendapatkan Green Tea Plus dengan harga diskaun istimewa harini.

Ada 3 pakej yang kami tawarkan untuk anda buat pilihan.

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Soalan-Soalan Lazim

How much should I drink to get a better result?

● For a better result we recommend to you for consume at least 5 days in a week.
● Most of our customer get an initial effect such as facilitates food digestion and excretion.

How to consume Green Tea Plus?

● Steep 1 tea bag in 1 cup of 250ml hot water for 15 minutes and ready to drink.
● Note: 1 tea bag can be infused up to 3 times
● Use T-Fuze for make your tea more easier and can get if at

How many tea bags in 1 box?

20 tea bag per box and enough for 1 month consumption.

Can pregnant and breastfeeding women consume this tea?

Not advisable for pregnant women.
Breastfeeding women can consume.

Can I drink Green Tea Plus during menstruation?

Yes, you can drink Green Tea Plus during menstruation.

Is Green Tea Plus save and approved by KKM?

Yes, we are holders of the registration number MAL16100035T from KKM. Registered products are guaranteed in terms of Safety, Quality and Efficacy. 

Besides, the product has ‘Meditag Hologram labels’ on its label or packaging.

Is Green Tea Plus got Halal certified?

Yes, we are holders of Halal registration number MS 2424 5022-01/2014.

Origin of the product?

Zexara Green Tea Plus manufactured locally in Malaysia. The factory had been accredited with GMP, HALAL, HACCP, ISO and VHM certification.

Who can consume this tea?

Only adults can consume this tea. Keep out reach of children.

Where can I purchase Green Tea Plus?

You can visit our HQ at 42, Jalan Wangsa Setia 4, Wangsa Melawati 53300 Kuala Lumpur or you can purchase it through this website and payment can be made via online banking or credit card.

Any agent appointed to sell Green Tea Plus?

No agent appointed at the moment. We HQ, sell directly to end user.

When will I receive my order?

Purchases made before 12 pm will be shipped out on the same day. Delivery process will take approximately 2-3 days depends on the courier services.

How can I track my order?

We will put your tracking number on our website to make it easier for you to check the status of your parcels.

Berapa banyak perlu minum untuk dapat kesan?

● Untuk kesan yang lebih baik kami mencadangkan kepada anda untuk minum sekurang-kurangnya 5 hari dalam seminggu.
● Kebanyakan pelanggan kami mendapat kesan seawal hari pertama minum Green Tea Plus iaitu melancarkan penghadaman & pembuangan.

Bagaimana cara penggunaan?

● Rendamkan 1 uncang teh di dalam cawan (250ml) dengan air panas selama 15 minit.
● Note: 1 uncang teh boleh digunakan sehingga 3 kali bancuhan.
● Gunakan T-Fuze bagi memudahkan anda untuk membuat teh dan boleh dapatkan di

1 kotak ada berapa uncang teh?

1 kotak Green Tea Plus mempunyai 20 uncang teh yang boleh digunakan sehingga 60 kali bancuhan.

Bolehkah wanita mengandung dan menyusukan bayi mengambil teh ini?

Tidak digalakkan untuk wanita mengandung. 
Ibu menyusukan bayi boleh minum.

Adakah saya boleh minum Green Tea Plus semasa haid?

Ya, anda boleh minum Green Tea Plus semasa haid

Adakah Green Tea Plus selamat dan mendapat kelulusan KKM?

Ya, kami adalah pemegang nombor pendaftaran MAL16100035T dari KKM. Produk berdaftar dijamin dari segi keselamatan, kualiti dan keberkesanan. 

Selain itu, Green Tea Plus mempunyai label Hologram Meditag pada label atau pembungkusannya.

Adakah Green Tea Plus mendapat pensijilan Halal?

Ya, kami adalah pemegang nombor pendaftaran Halal MS 2424 5022-01/2014.

Green Tea Plus dihasilkan di mana?

Zexara Green Tea Plus dikilangkan secara tempatan di Malaysia. Kilang tersebut telah mendapat pengiktirafan GMP, HALAL, HACCP, ISO dan VHM.

Siapa yang boleh mengamalkan Green Tea Plus?

Hanya orang dewasa sahaja yang boleh mengamalkan teh ini. Jauhkan daripada kanak-kanak.

Dimanakah saya boleh membeli Green Tea Plus?

Anda boleh membuat pembelian di HQ kami di 42, Jalan Wangsa Setia 4, Wangsa Melawati 53300 Kuala Lumpu atau di website kami serta pembayaran boleh dibuat secara perbankan di atas talian atau kad kredit

Adakah ejen yang dilantik untuk menjual Green Tea Plus?

Tiada ejen dilantik buat masa ini. Kami HQ, menjual terus kepada pengguna melalui website sahaja

Bilakah saya akan menerima tempahan saya?

Pembelian yang dibuat sebelum jam 12 tengahari akan dihantar pada hari yang sama. Proses penghantaran akan mengambil masa lebih kurang 2-3 hari bergantung kepada perkhidmatan kurier

Bagaimanakah saya boleh semak status penghantaran?

Nombor tracking anda akan dikemaskini di dalam website kami bagi memudahkan anda untuk menyemak status penghantaran anda.
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